Automotive Collision Repair Technician

Formerly known as “Motor Vehicle Body Repairer, Metal and Paint,” but renamed in conjunction with the Canadian Red Seal harmonization initiative, collision repair technicians repair, or replace sheet metal and parts of automobiles and trucks damaged in a collision or other incident. They are responsible for performing a wide variety of repairs to collision damaged automobiles with complexity and severity increasing as skills and experience increase. They review, assess and estimate automotive damage in addition to assisting with the prep department. A motor vehicle body repairer is knowledgeable in the field of auto body repair and possesses the necessary skills to perform related repairs and custom refinishing according to the manufacturer’s specifications.


  • Able-bodied

  • Comfortable working with machinery

  • Good with my hands

  • Interested in mentoring others

  • Resourceful

  • Visually perceptive

Personality Traits

  • Content working independently

  • Eager to learn

  • Focused with good attention to detail

  • Mechanically inclined

Salary range







Career Roadmap

  • 1

    Shop Helper (Entry Level Position / Not Required)

  • 2

    Certified Motor Vehicle Body Repairer (Intermediate / Mid Level Position)

  • 3

    Red Seal Certified / Journeyman (Advanced / Senior Level Position)

Keys to Success

  • Post-Secondary Training as a Collision Repair Technician
  • Red Seal Certification
  • Valid BC driver’s license.
  • Physically healthy and fit.
  • Exposure working on a variety of vehicle types from domestic to import and beyond.
  • Critical thinking combined with exceptional attention to detail
  • Manual dexterity and mechanical aptitude
  • Familiarity with technology and computer systems utilized for assessment, research and repair of vehicles
  • Strong communication skills Proven ability to work in a team-based environment
  • Concern for safety and a responsible work attitude

Current Openings

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