Parts Counter Person

The Parts Person (or Parts Sales Person) is the principal contact between the parts department and customers for the sale or ordering of parts and accessories. A Parts Person can work in new car dealerships, aftermarket parts stores, and in some cases, independent repair shops or collision repair shops.


  • Able to clearly articulate ideas

  • Able to work under pressure

  • Effective interacting with others

  • Good at multi-tasking

  • Good with numbers

  • Resourceful

Personality Traits

  • Extroverted

  • Fond of helping others

  • Organized

  • Patient with others

Salary range







Career Roadmap

  • 1

    Parts Delivery Driver (Entry Level Position)

  • 2

    Auto Dismantler (Entry Level Position)

  • 3

    Parts Sales / Inventory/Warehouse Person (Mid Level Position)

  • 4

    Foreman / Technical Supervisor (Advancement/ Senior Level Position)

Keys to Success

  • Technical training
  • Excellent mechanical/automotive parts knowledge
  • Superior customer service skills, both on the phone and in person
  • Physically fit / capable
  • Ability to work independently and manage multiple priorities
  • Time Management and problem solving skills

Job Training

A Part Sales Person may require some technical training. The following training programs are available.

Current Openings

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