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There are many types of automotive careers to choose from. Here, you can explore them and find one that might be right for you. We provide an overview of the type of work each one may involve, information about the skills and qualifications you need and how to get the training necessary to get you there.


Auto Sales Careers

Additional Occupations

There are many other occupations found in automotive businesses, particularly larger ones. These positions may not all be automotive specific, but are none the less employment opportunities in the automotive industry. For example:

  • Shuttle Driver – larger companies may employ a driver to ferry customers between the business location and their homes, places of employment, or to a shopping mall or other destination. This is an entry-level position and usually only requires a valid driver’s license, clean abstract, and a good aptitude.
  • Bookkeeper – smaller automotive businesses will often hire a bookkeeper to keep track of the business’s financial records and filings. This may be a part-time, work from home position.
  • Accountant – Larger businesses may employ a full-time accountant.
  • Controller – a larger company with an accounting staff may employ a controller to oversee the accounting department. This is often considered a management position and will require a degree in accounting.

Auto Careers Webinar Series​

Considering starting a career in the automotive industry? Explore one of the most exciting jobs – a tow truck operator. Disregard all the misleading stereotypes about the job and learn what this profession truly takes! In this AutoCareers webinar, Dejla Sabanac welcomes a guest speaker Chris Logan, owner/operator of Roadway Towing, and a co-host Sarah Bruce, assistant editor for Tow Canada magazine.

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